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"The energy grid catastrophe in Texas killed hundreds of people who could have been saved"

Your energy bill is
about to INCREASE!

An additional 338 BILLION dollars is needed to ensure a reliable energy grid in the US.  The governments plan to pay for this infrastructure is to allow rate increases at YOUR local utility company, meaning you will foot the bill. But why pay for fixing a broken system when you can become self reliant for energy, make money doing it and become apart of the certain future of decentralized energy.

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your family.

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Think About The Problem

A Disaster Is Waiting To Happen

“We should be thinking about the crisis in February as a precursor of future events, which could be even more severe and disruptive,” said Teri Viswanath, lead energy economist with CoBank. “Restoring the grid to its previous state is an inadequate response in the face of increased stress on infrastructure.

“It is mission critical for rural electric cooperatives to plan for climate resilience.”

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Large Rate Increases Are Coming

“This would exacerbate the already disparate and unjust rate burden that’s placed specifically on residential customers and low-income customers across Consumers’s territory,” said Mike Berkowitz with the Sierra Club, a group focused on clean energy and environmental justice.

“Residential customers – families – are not the class of folks that have the ability to deal with this burden.”

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