Battery Systems

Our batteries are designed from the ground up to allow EVERY consumer to power their home and earn money becoming apart of a decentralized energy grid.

You can start with one small unit, see how much you save on your energy bill and we’re sure you’ll be wanting to add a few more right away. Eventually you can upgrade to enough energy to fully power your home should disaster’s like the recent Texas power outage happen to you or your family.


Hexagonal in shape to allow a multitude of stacking options. You can put one, three or five on your wall, or stacked on your floor.  The battery is easy to install and doesn’t require long waits or complicated installers like the Tesla Powerwall.

Backup Power

When power goes out in your home, it will be very convenient having the Next Bolt in your home powering your refrigerator and keeping it from spoiling. Use our software to take control over where your power goes.

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24/7 Energy

A reliable system to keep your house always powered.